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I like to think about Seven and Ace meeting the Rani sometimes.  Like, yeah, the Rani met that face before, but she hasn’t met his new human and the Doctor’s trying to be all chill until he realizes it’s quiet… too quiet

And then he turns around it turns out Ace managed to figure out how to ride around on a dinosaur and both she and dinosaur are currently wreaking havoc. This is not what he had in mind when he said they had work to do. 

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Female-led Movies Overperform at the Box Office


When the Melissa McCarthy led Tammy came out, it made less than a lot of analysts predictions and lead to a lot of disappointed rumbling. This is surprising because the film made a lot of money at the domestic box office, relative to its budget (it cost $20 million to make, and took in a little more than that in just its opening weekend.)

So why were people so disappointed? Probably because Melissa McCarthy’s films have a history of ridiculously overperforming. (The Heat, Bridesmaids, Identity Thief). For Melissa McCarthy, incredible return on investment is the norm. 

When I examined the 100 highest performing films in 2013 and 2012, as well as films released so far in 2014, a pretty clear pattern emerged: female-led films leave male-led films in the dust, once you pay attention to their production budget. Melissa McCarthy is just an extreme example of this trend. I’ve included highlights from my analysis under the read more.

TLDR; Looking at box office take relative to production budget, female-led movies have overperformed for the past three years.

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Okay but Teddy Lupin performing a one-man show of all the shit that happened to his godfather in school

take a moment and picture this kid switching from red hair to blond to mock himself for being a Weasley three seconds before he changes to Harry to tell himself to stuff it

Imagine the wonder that is the Teddy Lupin one man theatre club

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